Is This Really Yoga?

Have you as a yoga student ever been in a class where you quietly wondered to yourself, is this Yoga?? Or, as a teacher, have you seen the look on your students’ faces when they don’t understand how “core work” and spiritual ritual come together as one and the same.

As 21st century Yogis, or seekers on the path to self-realization, it’s natural that we have tailored our spiritual practice to meet the demands of modern life. Asana sequences are becoming increasingly ...

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Is a Yoga Teacher Training for me?

…’Even if I don’t want to teach yoga?’

Yes, and actually you don’t have to teach yoga to share it. When you love it and live it that’s as much of an offering to the world as teaching a class!

Many people come to me with the desire to dive deep into the study of yoga. I can sense their longing to know more, to learn and to grow and I know that they are considering a ...

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Are you Ready to be a Yoga Teacher?

You’re at your local Yoga Studio waiting for class and pondering the idea of doing a Yoga Teacher Training when your teacher floats into the room, groomed and dressed to your idea of perfection. A wake of scents, home made essential oils and sage follows her to the alter. She sits and patiently waits for you to join her in quiet stillness. She radiates comfort, ease and love which leaves you questioning your idea of teaching yoga. ...

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Gili Yoga’s Ashtanga Guru, Lynne Paddon, shares on yoga, massage and herself

Continuing with our theme of introducing our teachers, we’ve sat down with Lynne Paddon for a chat about yoga, massage and life. Lynne teaches an energetic Ashtanga ½ Primary Series class Thursday and Sunday mornings here at Gili Yoga, as well as therapeutic Hatha classes. She also keeps everything under control in the front office and gives a magical massage. This multi-tasking beauty has mastered sharing yoga in a fun and relaxed light for new comers and knows ...

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Becoming a Yoga Teacher: From Injured to Inspired with Niklas Elgryd

We are so happy welcome Niklas Elgyrd back to Gili Yoga, this time as one of our resident yoga teachers. Niklas first traveled to Gili Trawangan in 2010 and took his first Freediving Course with Michael Board. From his first breath-hold, Niklas fell in love with Freediving. It took him a little longer to learn to love yoga and eventually, that hooked him too! Read on to learn more about our newest Yoga Teacher to the team. ...

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kate gili island

Travelling to Gili Trawangan

Most visitors arrive on Gili from Indonesia’s popular holiday destination, Bali. Travel from Bali to Gili Trawangan is fast, safe and easy. Daily fast boat services offer “door to door” transfers from your hotel, or the airport, in Bali to the beautiful beach harbor on Gili Trawangan. The service includes pick-up from your hotel in Bali, shuttle bus to the boat harbor in Benoa or Padangai and the boat crossing itself. The crossing from Bali to Lombok takes from 1.5 ...

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