Is a Yoga Teacher Training for me?

…’Even if I don’t want to teach yoga?’

Yes, and actually you don’t have to teach yoga to share it. When you love it and live it that’s as much of an offering to the world as teaching a class!

Many people come to me with the desire to dive deep into the study of yoga. I can sense their longing to know more, to learn and to grow and I know that they are considering a Yoga Teacher Training….and yet they hesitate, sometimes feeling shy or ashamed to admit that they might not actually want to teach yoga. They will often casually drop the hint, “…but I’m not sure I want to teach”. I watch the relief roll in and the excitement appear when I reply, “that’s OK, you don’t have to. You are still welcome here”.

By popular demand, it seems, Yoga Teacher Trainings are generally what is on offer when it comes to integrated, intensive immersions into yoga. And, they may even be the best option for just that, even if you don’t want to teach.

Here are a few reasons why a YTT isn’t only for the teacher ‘to be’:


The collective energy of a hive of yogis is momentous and exciting and undeniably real. There’s a sprinkle of magic, make that buckets of magic, that brings us together on these trainings. You can sense, and will often be amazed, by the sychronicities and similarities in the needs of those on your course. I’m not saying that you will be besties with everyone (it might not even be as conducive to your growth if you were). There will always be those who inspire you, those who will become your life-long soul family, and those who irritate you and they all have their place on the training.

There are few places and situations where you will find yourself so understood by your community. It feels pretty dang good to be surrounded by a group of creative, yogafied, loved-up and radically real peeps, just like you (and totally unique at the same time).

A Safe Space:

We create a safe container where you are encouraged to be real and rock it. You are allowed to shine, to cry, to question things and to share from your heart. This is a soul-nourishing sacred space for radical transformation and we are all in it together.

Personal Growth:

We ask you to show up because we see your potential, and it’s just too beautiful to ignore. There will be early mornings and awkward moments. You may feel a little uncomfortable and at times a lot of resistance. There is plenty of space for it all to unfold and reveal its magic.

Hours of Physical Practice:

We come together every morning (and most afternoons) for an entire month to breathe and flow together. That’s a lot of opportunity for things to shift, loosen, open and wake up. Even when you are tired or stiff or not really in the mood, the energy of the group will carry you through the practice. The practiced consistency has an exponential affect, each day taking you to deeper levels of understanding. We are also anchoring an inner experience of yoga for you to draw upon long after the training. Day by day by day we gradually lean into the practice until it shifts from a mere habit to a lifestyle.

Developing your Practice:

There’s no denying that the continuous practice, under the loving guidance of the same teacher(s) will help you to refine your practice into an embodied act of devotion and Self-love. From basic alignment to “advanced” asana, your understanding and experience will transform your practice, and well, your life.

Deeper Connection:

By joining a Yoga Teacher Training you are putting it out there to the Universe (and to your teachers) that you are ready to take this seriously. And by taking it seriously I don’t mean you are ready to wipe all the fun out of it, but you are willing to get a little uncomfortable in the service of your growth. Teachers love a ready and willing student. In fact, it’s a great honour and a reward to share with someone who really wants to be there. You will get more out of your teachers and out of yourself by committing to a deeper study of the practice.

Widening the Field of View:

A YTT is not only about learning the poses and learning to teach. It’s a deep dive into the heart of yoga so we may drink up the the nectar of this juicy path. You never know, yoga philosophy, Sanskrit or “energetics” may fascinate you and open up a whole new world to explore (or not and that’s fine too). Each teaching has a value and the ability to change your life. Take it all in and then decide if you want to hang onto it or forget it forever.

Value for Money:

Truth bomb, a YTT is generally the best value, comprehensive ‘package’ for an in-depth study of yoga. Facilitated by inspired and dedicated teachers and with the added bonus of a beautiful setting that cultivates learning and growth you are getting bang for your buck. It is worth the time, the money and sacrifices. And you, my dear, are so worthy of it.


Surprise, you might not know it yet, but you may actually enjoy teaching yoga! Or, you may have thought that ‘Vinyasa Flow’ was your calling and realise that actually, you are more turned on and lifted by meditation or pranayama or chanting or dancing… There’s freedom to find your own way here.

A Loving Side Note on What a YTT is NOT:

A replacement for professional therapy. If that is what you are seeking then you will be helped better elsewhere. Like here for example: Sacred Wellness Institute.

A yoga holiday. Your days will be holy and filled with yoga but if you are looking for an easy escape you can join us for those here: Gili Yoga Retreats

A guaranteed Yoga Alliance certification. If you show up and put in the work, you will earn it and we will celebrate!

Love from your fellow friend on the path,