Our yoga classes offer something for everyone. Join us for a drop-in class, try yoga for your first time or spend a month with us and become a yoga teacher! We have slow, gentle classes to nourish and heal, hot and sweaty classes to cleanse and energize, and even free-form ecstatic dance to let loose and play! Learn from our team of yoga teachers who are committed to their own practice and love to share what has helped transform their own lives. We cater to all levels, ages, and body types, offering modifications of poses and hands on adjustments to help you feel the safe, supported (and even challenged) in a group setting.

If you want individualised attention and lots of hands on adjustments we offer private yoga classes outside of our class timetable. Contact us for more information.

Gili Yoga Class Schedule


All classes are drop-in, open-level classes. We welcome all levels of experience and ranges of motion!
See our updated schedule here for current classes and workshops. Classes are open level, which means that they are beginner friendly and offer challenge and growth for the experienced yogi.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Fusion Yoga
A refreshing and rejuvenation way to start the day. These 60 minute mix in between Hatha and Vinyasa. This session will set you up for your whole day. Leave with more energy than you started and a smile on your face.

Vinyasa Flow

A dynamic class of energetic and flowing sequences to help you breathe, sweat and transform. Each class is unique, fun and challenging, offering well-rounded and uplifting sequences of asana (postures), breath-work and meditation. Vinyasa Flow classes are appropriate for active beginners through to advanced/experienced students. As an “open level” class we encourage you to take variations which are right for you on the day, offering gentle to challenging modifications so that you feel supported and inspired.

An ideal practice for those who are new to yoga or prefer a slightly slower pace. This is a great way to develop awareness of proper alignment and breathing as we hold the poses for longer than Vinyasa or Ashtanga based practices.

A deep, slow, and meditative practice that creates the perfect balance to your yang lifestyle! In Yin yoga, we target fascia, ligaments, tendons and bones to nourish, balance and heal. Expect an

intensely internal practice of deep stretches and guided awareness. Poses are held from 1 to 5+ minutes for a journey into stillness. Yin classes are appropriate for all levels.

Arm Balance Workshop 
Arm balances and inversions can be the most empowering (and fun!) postures in yoga, but are often the ones people find the most daunting to try.
This workshop will guide you trough the basics of arm balancing and upside-down postures, and how to start incorporating them confidently and safely into your own practice. Suitable for everyone!

Dynamic Meditation (on request)
Moving into stillness, one breath at a time. In this practice of embodiment we explore a range of styles of dynamic meditation which lead to total relaxation and stillness. Many people find dynamic meditation offers an easier path to relaxation that simply sitting in stillness.. of course stillness it the ultimate aim but these practices help our modern minds to settle.

Ecstatic Dance! (on request)
Ecstatic Dance! is a safe space to let yourself loose on the dance floor. This is a freeform moving meditation to exhilarating music in a community of high-vibin friends. Come have fun and shake off that shyness. We know you want to!

Women’s Healing Yoga (on request)
A beautiful and nourishing practice to claim and celebrate your feminine power. Gentle movements, guided meditation and breath-work take us deep into the heart of of our creativity and pleasure. This is a safe space for women of all ages to embrace the wisdom and beauty of their body.

Gili Yoga Class Pricing

Enjoy more yoga and benefit from committing to more classes to receive discounted rates. We offer daily, weekly and monthly passes as well as multiple class cards at a discounted rate.

Private classes are a perfect opportunity to explore yoga on a deeper level. A personalized class will be tailored to your body, mind and spirit!

Price Savings Validity
One class (drop-in) 120000
Workshop (90 min) 300000 workshops are not valid for card holders
Daily Unlimited 180000 1 Day
Weekly Unlimited 600000 7 Days
Monthly Unlimited 1 500000 30 Days
3 Class Card 300000 60000 30 Days
5 Class Card 450000 150000 60 Days
10 Class Card 800000 350000 90 Days
Private Class 700000 60 minutes (4 people max)

Class cards can be used on any Gili Yoga drop-in class. They are non-transferable, to be used by one person only. Class cards cannot be reimbursed for cash or used on merchandise. Cards cannot be extended (ie from 3 to 5 classes)